De Wiang Kum Kam Location & Map

Distance from De Wiang Kum Kam to interesting points of interest
Chiang Mai Airport 10 mins Robinson Department Store 10 mins
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar 15 mins Wualai Walking Street 15 mins
Chiang Mai Railway Station 20 mins Chiang Mai Bus Station 20 mins
Big C Department Store 20 mins Royalflora Suanrachapruk 30 mins
Chiang Mai Night Safari 30 mins Doi Suthep 45 mins
Baan Tawai 45 mins Bo-sang Handicrafts Center 45 mins
Maesa Elephant Camp 60 mins Maerim Elephant Camp 60 mins

De Wiangkumkam hotel is situated in front of the Changkam temple at the centre of Wiang Kum Kam, the underground ancient city and the first capital of the Lanna Kingdom.

 “Wiang Kum Kam“ was established by King Meng rai, the King of Nok, as  Lanna’s captital but Wiang Kum Kam did not last for long because it faced  the problem of severe floods every year. King Meng rai therefore founded Chiang mai as the new capital because it had a better geographic location.  However, Wiang Kum Kam still maintained it’s importance because it was situated as the border town to Chiang mai until the end of King Meng rai’s reign.

Following very severe flooding  the Ping river changed the direction of it’s watercourse and the entire city of Wiang Kum Kam  was left under sludge for many hundreds of years until the name of “Wiang Kum Kam” faded away from history and people believed that Wiang Kum Kam was only the town in legends. Then in 1984 the” legend city” was rediscovered by the Arts Department in Chiang Mai and thus began a period of excavation and restoration of old temples which has become an important focus of the studies of the art and architecture of the pure Lanna culture.

Latitude: 18.747542
Longitude: 99.001175
Hotel’s GPS: 18°44'51.15"N 99° 0'4.23"E

View De Wiang Kum Kam in a larger map

View De Wiang Kum Kam in a larger map